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You Felt My Pain

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You blinked your eyelids, twice,
and like an invisible river,
tears welled up in your eyes;
you just couldn’t afford it’s flow;
for as a man, you must pay that price.

like a snail, I was slow
in discovering your pain,
but at least I did, I realized;
that when I screamed,
my voice pierced your heart;
when I fell, it stained your loving art;
when I cried about my troubles,
you were troubled, it made you shiver;
you knew you needed to rise.

On your knees, I’d seen you pray,
and unlike other men, you didn’t slay,
no, you were on your own,
and in your own way,
you made hay during sunshine,
just to make my dream come true.

Father, I will always be grateful;
for you felt my pain,
and in your own way,
you took my pain away.

Wishing all fathers, a Happy Father’s Day! May God Bless You!

Featute Photo Credit: The Advocate

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Racheal Wyettey, also known as Risa, is a voice to the voiceless and an answer to the cry of many. She is the author of Dear Damsel, Initiator of Damsels on Fire Tour, CEO of Racheal Wyettey Books and Star Your Brand, and the Founder of Grow and Glow Academy. She's a Writer, Blogger, Coach, Media Personality, Speaker and Tech Enthusiast who blends personal experiences with creativity and positivity to inspire, impact and help individuals interested in personal growth and fulfillment. She owns three blogs, namely; Today's Youth Journal, Damsels on Fire blog, and Rachealwyettey.com. Her blog - Damsels On Fire - empowers, educates and equips young women to be on fire, and features young unmarried women breaking limitations and leading meaningful lives.



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