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Meet Okyere Dorcas Goodhead – The Radford University Student Doing ‘The Most’

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Unlike many who believe they can’t impact lives, start their own business, get employed or do much while still in school, this young Ghanaian lady is on another level; she is doing the most as a student.

Okyere Dorcas Goodhead is a Student Employee, an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, and a Girl Child Activist.

She is a level 400 Accounting student of Radford University; the Founder and CEO of Goodhead Okyere Foundation and Goodies Cart; and an Employee at Protocol Africa.

Her organization, the Goodhead Okyere Foundation, seeks to develop communities by assuaging the plight of the less deprived and children, and they have numerous projects that show their committment towards contributing to the SDGs goal 1 and 4.

Their Build Our Future project focusses on impacting the lives of students and developing schools through donations and activities.

They also reach out to street dwellers through their street donation project, Share Your Warmth.


I Care For You is another project initiated by the foundation that can’t be overlooked. Through this project, they reach out to orphanages, make enquiries on their needs/wants, and make donations that address what’s lacking.

Aside the above mentioned projects, the foundation is about to introduce a new project aimed at developing communities and it is dubbed, “You Matter“. They plan on doing much more, in the near future; to heal the hurting humanity and make the world a better place.

According to Dorcas, her dad’s constant reminder of how people are suffering out there inspired her to start helping others, affect lives positively, and establish her own foundation. “My dad inspired me to start my own foundation. Whenever I wanted to buy something that’s not a necessity, he goes like, ‘someone needs this same amount of money to eat or do something very important’. He kept reminding me all the time that people are suffering out there but in the society I found myself in, the poor isn’t noticed at all. And after thinking about it a few times, I discovered the wisdom in his constant reminder. A part of me wanted to do something for the poor; instead of buying things that aren’t necessary, I decided to touch lives, and that’s how my journey started”, she revealed.

Just as I mentioned early on, aside being a philanthropist, Dorcas also owns the Goodies Cart; a brand where beauty and charm engages with quality and affordable brands; they deal in skincare products and splashes.

To her, being a student should not be an excuse for not impacting lives, getting employed or living one’s dreams. She confessed that, she knew the moment she decided to start living her dreams that, combining all of that with academics wasn’t going to be easy but she was willing and ready to take risks and get things done anyways, and that compelled her to device strategies (including effective time management) that helped her to handle each effectively.

Even though Dorcas hasn’t gotten to the peak where she wants to be and is still learning, she feels accomplished by living her dreams and touching lives.

She dreams of an era, where young people (especially students) will stop making excuses and take bold steps to realize their dreams and contribute their quota to the world.

To individuals who aren’t chasing their dreams because of a reason or more, she has a message for you:

You need to deploy into the world to serve your gift and bring influence. There’s nothing like “I can’t do in life”. Go for it; you can do it. Bob Marley once said, “none but ourselves can free our minds”, it’s a step at a time; so, you can get there with God and determination.

You can connect with Dorcas and her brainchildren on Instagram via these handles: @__goodhead @the_go_foundation and @goodies_cart. And oh in case you need quality and affordable skincare products and splashes, don’t forget to contact Goodies Cart on 0506344150.


  1. It is beautiful knowing that there are so many young people out there ready to live beyond themselves. Dorcas, thank you for reminding humanity of Ubuntu. Your story matters. It is speaking life to generations and generations.. Racheal. The work you are doing is great. We need platforms like this to share our stories. lots of love from Uganda.


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