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I Was Comfortable in My Shell…

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For so many years, I was in my shell as if I was allergic to the external environment; I hated coming out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t want to battle my fears or deal with negativities and its related issues that can make me ‘go gaga’; like discouragements, unnecessary criticisms, failure, denials and drama from people who think they are better than everyone else.

Of course I wished there’s more about me than I thought, I wished I can grow, I wished I can let others know what I can do, and I wished I will have numerous opportunities to make things happen and enjoy the beauty of life, but that’s all I did; wish, wish and wish, I wasn’t ready to do what it takes to make my wishes come true. My comfort meant so much.

But along the line, I came to the realization that, until I come out to work for what I want, I will never have them, and that almost everyone living their dreams encounter those hurdles, too, but they just learn to deal with them; I learnt this truth the hard way.

That’s when I chose to go all out for my growth, shine, purpose and fulfillment, rather than ‘enjoy in my comfort zone’. And I’ve never regretted taking that step; it has been worth it.

You cannot harness your limitless potential, achieve your dreams, make things happen or impact the world if your comfort means everything to you. So, yeah, come out of your shell; face the fears, deal with the obstacles and live your dream life.

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Racheal Wyettey, also known as Risa, is a voice to the voiceless and an answer to the cry of many. She is the author of Dear Damsel, Initiator of Damsels on Fire Tour, CEO of Racheal Wyettey Books and Star Your Brand, and the Founder of Grow and Glow Academy. She's a Writer, Blogger, Coach, Media Personality, Speaker and Tech Enthusiast who blends personal experiences with creativity and positivity to inspire, impact and help individuals interested in personal growth and fulfillment. She owns three blogs, namely; Today's Youth Journal, Damsels on Fire blog, and Rachealwyettey.com. Her blog - Damsels On Fire - empowers, educates and equips young women to be on fire, and features young unmarried women breaking limitations and leading meaningful lives.



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