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Deploy the Power of Positivity to Turn Things Around

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It’s a new week and irrespective of how the past weeks have been or this new week will unfold, I inspire you to take control over your thoughts and words while faced with an unpleasant situation, and deploy the power of positivity to turn things around.

Last Friday, during my book reading session at the e-Ananse library, I dived a bit into the essence of remaining positive and taking charge of your life through positive words and attitude; as that’s one of the reasons why I birthed my poetry anthology, Musings of a Christian.

Aftermath of Book Reading at e-Ananse Library

When we find ourselves in unfavorable situations, it is important for us, to focus on the positive than the negative; to focus on the posibility of things turning around, how we can get out of it, how we overcame similar ones in the past, who has the power to turn things around, and how to wait expectantly for that change/miracle. We must not focus on the present pain, loss or plight and how it’s affecting the different areas of our lives; we must not wallow in it, neither must we speak power into it, no matter what; we must channel that energy into imagining the reality of things working out and speaking what we want into existence.

Yes! I do not know what you’re already faced with or what will not go your way this week, but darling, I believe in your power to control and turn things around through faith, positive declarations and attitude, and strategic steps. I also believe in God’s power to turn things around if only you’ll acknowledge Him. And I pray you receive the grace to take control of and turn things around; I pray God causes things you thought were impossible, to suddenly happen as you call on Him. (Please read Proverbs 23:7, Job 22:28, Philipians 4:8, Psalms 2:8; 62:8 and Romans 8:28). Have a blessed, New Week!

You can visit here to watch my book reading session with e-Ananse to know more about my book and be inspired. It’d be great to have your feedback and yes, I’d appreciate if you can share with others. God bless you!

Musings of a Christian is still available for purchase. Kindly contact +233541341338 for hard copies or visit Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle or Okada Books if you prefer ebook.

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