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I’m Racheal Wyettey.

THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy life to read a little about mine.

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that, I have always defined and envisioned myself as the answer to the cry of many; and that is my geatest drive; everything I do revolves around that.

I am a Writer, a Blogger, an Author, a Journalist, a Life Coach, a Personal Branding Strategist, a Speaker, a Trainer, an Entrepreneur, and a Self-Taught Tech Enthusiast.

As a writer and a blogger, I’ve written over 500 creative pieces, created contents that educate and inspire readers, and have featured numerous entrepreneurs and volunteers, both on my blogs and that of others.

I grew an interest in online learning when I joined my Senior High School’s Editorial Board, and since then, I have taken several courses, attended virtual conferences, and beefed up my knowledge in a wide range of fields including Personal Development, Personal Branding, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Technology, etcetera (you’ll get to know more about my eLearning journey through my blog posts).

That said, my journalism journey started in Senior High School (don’t look at me like that, lol). That’s where I started gaining in-depth knowledge and acquiring basic journalism skills (that’s for another day). So far, I have worked as a reporter and presenter for Naija Levels Show on Hot Fm (Accra).

I have also presented, hosted and produced a series of radio shows on KTU Radio (Eastern Region), including Morning Rush, Campus Agenda, Jolly Ride Show and Soul Train; and served as the Head of Production from 2018 – 2019. And before I forget, I have reported, created and edited contents for some online news portals and websites

Today’s Youth Journal and Community is a project birthed out of my love for volunteering, activism and youth development. Through this project, lives of young people have been impacted and their development have been promoted. Again, this project has influenced the birth of events and campaigns that championed youth growth including the Today’s Youth Health Summit (Powered by Heaven Insecticides), Today’s Youth Entrepreneurs Summit (in collaboration with FAJ and GWC) and the Ghana Needs Peace Campaign (in collaboration with GWC). Kindly visit here for more information.

Out of my passion for helping young unmarried women to lead fulfilling lives, I birthed my first book, Dear Damsel, founded Damsels on Fire blog and Community, and initiated the Damsels on Fire Tour. Through this project, I have been able to empower, educate and equip over 500 ladies.

With the help of other impact-driven individuals, I’ve provided mentoring and personal development coaching, capacity building, and hard and soft skills training to these girls, encouraged them to assert their rights and donated free copies of my book and other resources to them.


My business, Students’ Mall, has been the number one go-to online shop for high school and tertiary students, and single men and women in Ghana for four years; providing them with quality kitchen equipments, catering tools, home appliances and hostel essentials at the best prices (no exaggeration). Star Your Brand, on the other hand, is a Personal Branding and Publicity agency I established barely a year ago, to help ambitious individuals and impact-driven organizations to build sought-after brands that wow the world.


I enjoy speaking, mentoring, coaching and training; it’s a fantastic way to share what I have learned with individuals craving for growth, success and fulfillment. The topics I am frequently invited to speak, train or coach on involves personal development, personal branding, social media, blogging, writing, entrepreneurship, capacity building and career success. I challenge, inspire and equip individuals to blaze trails, and I do it from my heart.

Having spent more than 5 years doing the things I love, there is so much I have gained and I’m learning. And that’s what I will be sharing here.

I will be posting at least five days in a week and oh, they are contents created to fuel you to grow, glow and lead a fulfilling life.

Do check out my other pages for more information and visit here to read what others have to say about me, and heyye (smiles), stay connected and lets do amazing things together.

All my best,
Racheal Wyettey (Risa).