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When a young lady is not married, she has the freedom to fully maximize her potential; to nurture herself into the best version she was created to be, and to sow seeds that will bare fruits to benefit her future; family and otherwise.
The moment she gets married or says “I do”, everything changes; she becomes completely different and perfectly joined with her husband – dreams redefined, priorities changed, and eighty percent of her life is controlled by their life.

Dear Damsel is a letter to ladies who desire to discover, nurture and fulfill their purpose here on earth. It is for ladies who crave to be on fire; to explore, to move beyond limitations and to lead fulfilling live. Contact +233554515688 or visit Amazon to grab a copy:


Both Intimate and uplifting, Musings of a Christian, is a collection of 55 contemporary Christian poems that reflect the thoughts, contemplations and meditations of a Christian, through all the changing scenes of life.

It is not just a collection of words and lines; it is a blend of creativity, everyday experiences, and God’s word. It is also a compilation of our meditations, prayers and declarations, worship and adoration, fears and misgivings, and our realization of the truth that, God never left us during the bad phases of our lives.

This book of poetry include poems that celebrate and meditate on God’s power and love, and poems that will inspire, comfort, cheer, and help bring you closer to God. Contact +233554515688 or visit Amazon for your copy: