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It gives me excitement knowing that someone I tuited is making strides and soaring. I get to use you as an example to other students. I do not like what you are doing; I love it. Keep it up!


Dear Racheal! I like what you do, you inspire so many people in a way you can't even imagine yourself. I like the way you inspire and empower young ladies to be the best version of themselves through your book tour & seminars you organize... You are really a Damsel on Fire.

Keep moving forward... and keep doing what you think is right. And May God strengthen you to do more.


God!!! I am inspired by just the little around you. For some time, I have found me questioning my very self if Ghana will survive the next 20 years and have questioned the future of our children when looking at the opportunities and all that opened to the youth in other countries... But going through just very few of your posts, I can't help it but send this message before recommencing to the reading. Keep it up, the answer is in, Ghana as a nation will not only survive the tests of time but it will thrive if you keep on contributing your quota no matter how small it may seem.


Meeting Rachel Wyettey has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Her writeups, coaching and her strong believe that inside everyone is a seed of greatness, didn't just make me feel good about myself on bad days, but as well brought me to the realization that people's perception of who I am and the bad experiences I have doesn't define me. She's been a coach and a sister and has opened my understanding to the fact that no matter where I find myself, I can make it with determination and trust in God, and I can affect people positively with what I have. I will forever recommend her even if it's not her field because I know what she can do.


Wow! Racheal, Keep climbing the ladder of progress, success and growth. Feeling proud of you!!! God bless you!


Hi Racheal! Meeting you was one of the privileges I ever wanted; you inspired me from afar. Your sense of determination notwithstanding setbacks and drive for change in the lives of young people inspired me. I love what you do and I pray for greater grace for you.
I know you haven't started yet because more is in store. You are a youth activist with a strong drive and I will recommend you any day.


Hi RacheaI! I never considered going through your scripts. I got the prompting this evening to read one of the articles and to be honest with you, You are a genius. Keep it up! Someday, you will be an Icon the world has been yearning for. I really admire your studiousness. Keep it up.


You're doing a good job. I have been going through your stuff since... and they are Inspiring. Keep it up.


You are doing very well and I encourage you to do more. How you changed my mentality about reading and created an avid reader out of a once lazy reader like me, is for another day. Don't stop impacting lives. I wish you all the best!!!


Hiring Racheal Wyettey as my coach remains one of the best steps I've taken towards the future I dream of. I've been impacted greatly by her coaching. Today, I am able to look out for my hidden talents, focus on what I'm best at and brand myself properly. I will recommend her any day.


Meeting you has positively impacted my life in unimaginable ways and has added reality to all my potentials. You’re like a bag of Golden words full of wisdom and I'm glad I've learnt from you. Words won’t be enough to express how grateful I am that you're in my life; not only because you encouraged me to embark on my personal growth journey and lead a fulfilling life, but also because you held my hand and stayed with me along each path, as a mentor and a coach. God bless you.


Before I met Racheal Wyettey, I was this scared and insecure girl who believed nothing good can come out of her. I was the type that people's comments weighed me down and it was that bad. Ever experienced that feeling of not being good enough or the uncertainty of not knowing what the future holds for you? Well, that was me before I met her. But now I am able to look at my life differently and I am glad I saw a life coach in her instead of seeing her as just a friend and a colleague. I can't really say all but today I am a young woman who is loving herself, nurturing herself, living her dreams, affecting others and enjoying every bit of her potentials; thanks to Racheal. I am not where I have envisioned myself, but I am grateful for the progress I keep making; and I'm glad I invested in myself.


I really admire what you do. Keep it up!!!


I love your book, DEAR DAMSEL. It has really impacted my life in a positive way I never imagined and I don't mind recommending it over and over. It didn't just help me to discover myself, it went on to educate me on how to develop my potentials and find fulfillment each day of my life. I love the woman I am becoming and I am grateful to you for writing such a lovely and inspiring book.


Risa, I'm so glad that we met. It's so rare to meet strong women these days but to meet young women who passionate about empowering, educating and equipping young girls to make the best out of their lives; that's more than rare. Just by being in touch with you and watching you do what you do from a distance, I feel empowered. I believe what you do is what true feminism is about. I am sending you all the love from me (and my girls) from Pakistan. Keep emowering; the world needs people like you.


So meeting Naa Risa has been a real blessing. She’s a sweet package: Very talented, creative, ambitious, hardworking and a great motivation to me. I like and will always like what she does. I pray God gives me a quarter of her talent and of course I will recommend her to anyone.