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Hi! I am Racheal Wyettey and I’m a Mentor, Life Coach, Personal Branding Coach and Strategist, and a Soft Skills Trainer.

I know, our life, career or business, can throw us many challenges, and at times, we end up feeling overwhelmed, lost or lacking direction and purpose. This is why I am making myself available to help you.

Whether you want to start a new career, get your finances organized, recover from an injury, manage your time better, prioritize self-care, mend a broken heart, grow or take your life to the next level, and you need help doing that, you can hire me.

I love sharing what I have learned with individuals who are eager to grow, glow and lead a fulfilling life. So if this sounds like you, let’s connect. Here are four ways we can work together.

1. Mentoring and Personal Development Coaching.

I am passionate about helping individuals who are ready to invest in themselves so that they can manage themselves effectively regardless of what life might bring their way. If this is you, I am here for you.

As your personal development coach, I will help you to become proactive. Rather than wait for good things to happen, you will be able to get out there and make them happen. I will help you to rate and build the various areas of your life; including intimate relationships, family and friends, money and finances, career, health and fitness, mental health, happiness, lifestyle (hobbies, habits, personal goals, fun), and spirituality; and I will help you experience a richer and more rewarding life when you commit to your own objectives. If you are ready to commit to your personal development, take the first step by contacting me.

2. Personal Branding Coaching.
I’m a Personal Branding Coach and Consultant who’s ever ready to help you build your brand, pursue your passions and package your uniqueness.

I believe that, no matter what phase your brand is in, you have the what, how, and why inside you. We just need to bring all this incredible value to the surface and package it into a clear strategic direction that will define your position.

Working together, I can help you create a profitable personal brand that has clients lining up to work with you. You will not just be seen as expert but will end up becoming a sought-after brand with endless sales and fans, land speakings gigs and get featured in the media or increasing sales.

3. Soft Skills Training.

If you are willing to, I am ready to train and equip you with soft skills that will help your career (or business) hit big time.

Soft skills are critical to the success of your career. Your reputation for being best at what you do amounts to little or nothing if you don’t know how to communicate, draft strategic letters/CVs/proposals or work well with others. “Soft skills are key to building relationships, gaining visibility, and creating more opportunities for advancement,” says Kathy Robinson, founder of Boston career-coaching firm TurningPoint.

Don’t limit your chances of career success, work with me and get yourself equipped with soft skills such as, communication, team work, adaptability, problem solving, critical observation, conflict resolution, leadership, creativity, etcetera.

4. Tap Freely or Buy My Products.

Boomark my website, subscribe to my updates and connect with me on my various platforms; these are spaces where address important questions and share relevant information. I cover personal development, productivity, team building, personal branding, and a wide range of topics, designed to help you grow.

You can also join my WhatsApp Community to learn and connect with like-minded individuals. Click here.

And, you can buy my books, participate in my coaching programs, workshops, webinars, events and more.

Aside mentoring and coaching, I also offer other services; including content creation and production, ghost writing, editing and proofreading, speaking, etcetera. Kindly visit my pageServices – for more detailed information on my services and let’s work together.

Moreover, you can visit my Endorsements page to read what others have to say about me.

There’s no time to waste. Reach me through my contact page or via +233554515688 / info@rachealwyettey.com and let’s get started already.

All my best!